Residential Property Management Pricing, Washington, DC

Single-Family Home & Condo Property Management

Serving Washington, DC and Montgomery County, MD



Pricing that makes sense

Some Owners hesitate to engage residential property management services for many reasons – foremost being cost. It’s understandable to weigh the pros and cons, and to wonder whether you are able to manage your rental on your own.

RM Properties never wants budget worries to keep you from reaching your investment goals. Our competitive prices are designed to show you the value of professional management in terms of your time, energy, and finances.




  • Monthly property management for single-family homes and condos: 8%
  • Marketing fee: 75% of your first month’s gross rent receipts for a one-year lease




We look forward to talking with you so you are completely comfortable with our prices.

 Our goal? 

For you to decide RM Properties has provided more than what you’re paying for.